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Reed Street: A Ground Breaking Net Zero Energy Project

Welcome to the Reed Street Project, a Net Zero Energy home built with pre-fab structural bamboo panels.

What is a Net Zero Energy Project?

A net zero energy home will save you money from day one. Simply put, a net zero energy home is a healthy, well-sealed and highly insulated home that produces as much or more renewable energy as it uses. At year’s end, the goal is to have your overall energy balance at zero or better. Net zero energy homes can be off the grid or tied to the grid.

Beyond Green

We start with efficiency. A well designed and built net zero energy home means much more than simply building a home with solar panels. We begin with efficiency in mind and focus on designing a well-sealed and insulated building envelope. If we achieve this goal, the mechanical equipment needs and costs are greatly reduced relative to a standard built home. Additionally, net zero energy homes are healthier for you and children.

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The Near Future

It is a little known fact that buildings are responsible for nearly half of the United States’ carbon footprint. By designing more NZE buildings, we can reduce the effects of global warming. By the year 2020, all new homes in the state of California will be required to be Net Zero Energy.

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